Classes & Racing

Pennine Sailing Club

Racing at Pennine

Pennine is a dinghy-racing club, and our main racing activities are on Sundays and Thursday evenings.

The main Sunday programme begins around the end of March, ending during November. The format is usually 3-5 handicap races, starting at 11:00am, and with a break for lunch. Some Sundays are one-day events with all the races forming part of the same competition, but others have each race as part of one or more series sailed over several weeks. We also run Class Open Meetings on Sundays, but unless very large numbers are expected we run these in parallel with the club racing.

Sunday sailing continues through the winter but racing is organised on an ad hoc basis, to some extent dependent on the weather and/or who turns up. Some winter Sundays (or weekends) are given over to inter-varsity Open events organised by one or other of the Sheffield universities’ sailing sections.

The Thursday evening programme is governed by the light, typically beginning in May and running through to August.   The aim is to run one or two handicap races from 7:15pm or 7:30pm, finishing before dark, and in time for a pie & pea supper.


Dinghy Classes at Pennine

Most members sail their own boats and the majority are single-handed, although there are some two-man boats including a strong fleet of Scorpions. The club also owns a number of boats which are used for training, and may also be hired by members. There is a wide variety of classes overall, and those mentioned below seem to be the most popular at present.   The club training/hire fleet is comprised of those classes shown in yellow:



The streaker is a lightweight single-handed dinghy with good handling characteristics. It is suitable for a wide range of abilities from relative beginner to expert racer.


Laser - single handers


The original standard Laser is the most popular racing class for adults and teenagers. It can also be fitted with various rigs to suit sailors of different sizes / weights.  We have members sailing Standard, Radial, 4.7, and Rooster 8.1 rigs.   The club boats have Standard, Radial or 4.7 rigs.

We also have examples of the Laser Vortex, – a tunnel-hulled asymmetric spinnaker boat.  A handful in a blow !


UK Laser Association Website »


Laser 2


A medium-fast two person boat for those that enjoy sailing with friends or partners.
UK Laser II Class Association Website »




Single or double-handed fun boat for adults and children. Two sails for extra flexibility.

Topper Sailboats Website »




The Optimist is small and stable, and may be sailed by children up to the age of 14. Useful to learn in, but also raced regularly, we have lots of these at Pennine. !

International Optimist Class Association (UK) »




The Enterprise is a two-man sloop-rigged hiking sailing dinghy with distinctive blue sails. Despite being one of the older classes of dinghies, it remains popular in the United Kingdom.

Enterprise Class Association Website »




The Lark is a two-person, non-trapeze sailing dinghy, designed in 1966. All Larks are made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). The Lark is a one-design class which leads to very close racing.

Lark Class Association Website »




The Phantom is a high performance single handed sailing dinghy designed in 1971. It is an active class in the UK.

The boat was designed to cater for the larger sailor and occupies a similar market space to the Finn. The competitive weight for racing is around the 100 kg mark.

Phantom Class Website »


RS Sailing - 100, Vision, RS Vareo


RS have a wide range of multi-purpose boats, single and double handers.  Current Pennine members’ boats include RS Vareo, RS 100, and an RS 600.   The club owns a new RS Vision which used for training and also available for hire by trained club members.

RS Sailing Website »


Sport 16


We have two Topper Sport 16s, ideal training boats which can accommodate two, three or four sailors.



The Scorpion is an exciting, lightweight, two-person racing dinghy. Its adjustable rig enables sailing in all weathers with crews of all weights, ages and experiences.

National Scorpion Association website »




For a slightly more advanced child, teenager or small adult. A single hander used for fun, developing skills, and racing. The club has Toppers for hire.

Topper Sailboats Website »




The Mirror is a very popular sailing dinghy, with more than 70,000 built. The Mirror is light and stable enough to be sailed safely by two young teenagers or two adults. It is an excellent boat for children or teenagers learning sailing for the first time.

UK Mirror Sailing Website »