Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are designed to demonstrate how nominated PSC club members can maintain the new website themselves.  No special software is required, and beyond basic PC skills, no special technical knowledge is needed either.  However, you will need the sound ON !


The title of each one gives a clue as to content. I have tried to keep them as short as possible, and the number in brackets after the title is the approximate run time in minutes.


Videos are best viewed in  full-screen mode.  For some reason they often start with the screen black or showing false colours, but the video renderer will soon catch up and sort itself out.  If you wish, you can login to the ‘trainee’ account on the website in a separate browser window and work along with lesson by pausing the video and flipping back and forth with Alt+Tab.


1: Introducing the new website, and how YOU can help to maintain it ! (3)
3: This video explains the basic visual structure of each page on the website. (4)
4: This one explains the structure of each page in terms of 'sections' and 'modules'. (10)
7: Using the Media Library. Uploading documents and images. (8)
8: Creating and editing tables. Using TablePress. (14)
9: Re-arranging page content and/or changing the structure of a page. (6)